Merry Christmas!

I have my own website, thank you David Spink for a fantastic Christmas present. Totally unexpected. I hope you all have a fantastic day. xxx


Louise Burness was born in 1971 and raised in the Scottish town of Arbroath. She spent several years living in Edinburgh and Fife, travelling around Australia and South East Asia and eight years living in West London. Louise has currently moved back home to launch her first self-published book.

After many an entertaining conversation concerning Louise’s latest love life disaster, her friends encouraged her to write her experiences down. What began as a humourous, cathartic exercise gained the approval of family and friends and ‘Crappily Ever After’ was born. The novel is therefore loosely based on truth and gives you some insight into the more dramatic relationships of Louise’s life so far. Now about to embark on book number two, Louise hopes to make a career from writing novels.